About Us


The Next Healthcare Networks is a cross-disciplinary professional healthcare network of over 8,000 members. We provide client referrals for life coaches to help clients to develop the happiness and peace of mind that comes with having someone in your corner to help you plan your life and face its challenges. Life coaches provide a path to increase happiness in your personal life and career. Many people have improved their lives and gotten a better perspective, more confidence, and more motivation to pursue the goals that bring meaning and lasting happiness.


We offer research services for life coaches including market research, client behavior analysis, organizational research, data analytics, and internet advertising consulting. We provide practice-building insights for life coaches based on quantitative and qualitative methods including surveys, statistical analysis, modeling, and one-on-one interviews.

We have a strong commitment to customer service and offering our services at fair prices, and always make an effort to treat customers with courtesy and respect.

We hope you find LifeCoachingNext.com useful and welcome your comments and suggestions.

The LifeCoachingNext.com Team