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Manifesting personal, romantic, and career goals
Kelly Montgomery, MA, LMFT
Healing Happens Therapy
I specialize in: Couples communication, Trust building, Sexuality, Intimacy, and Family dynamics. Boundary setting, learning to cope, linking body and mind for full integration of fulfillment. Manifesting personal, romantic, and career goals, nutritional consulting, and weight loss. Oh yes! “Stay weird, stay different” people! What would the world look like
Oakland, CA 94609
48.9 miles away
ClutterLess (CL) Pleasanton Self Help Group Mon....
NOTE: This announcement is for ClutterLess (CL) ClutterLess is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, peer-based, SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUP for people who want to change their cluttering behavior on a deeper level than learning how to organize. Clutters have difficulty making decisions about what to toss because everything has an emotional string. Decluttering isn’t about org
Pleasanton, CA 94566
27.3 miles away
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Stockton is the location of Stockton Symphony, the University of the Pacific, the San Joaquin Delta College, and the Stockton Arena. Enjoy the home of Stockton's Greek Festival, the Smith Canal, Weber Point, and the Asparagas Festival. In Stockton there are thousands of people who seek life coaches to develop the happiness and peace of mind that comes with having someone in your corner to help you plan your life and face its challenges. Life coaches provide a path to increase happiness in your personal life and career. Many people have improved their lives and gotten a better perspective, more confidence, and more motivation to pursue the goals that bring meaning and lasting happiness.
We've helped many people who need a life coach in Stockton and elsewhere in the Golden State. Browse listings of life coaches in your area and find a life coach who matches your needs.

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