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Effective Counseling for Adolescents, Teens and Adults
Individual and Family Therapy
Julie Ambrose, MSW, LICSW
I provide individual and family counseling to all kinds of people with all kinds of struggles, from adolescence through adulthood. I specialize in treatment of anxiety and depression, but I am especially interested in the circumstances that cause them. This can include difficult life transitions, social problems, romantic relationship issues, family conflict, low self
Art Therapist
Burien, WA 98166
3.7 miles away
Tired of Feeling Sad, Anxious, Worried, Angry or Stuck?
Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom to Live and Love Life Fully
Sara Muckler, MA, LMHCA
Elliott Bay Counseling
I am a psychotherapist providing counseling services out of my West Seattle office. I believe that everyone has an innate ability for self-understanding and for altering their self-concepts, basic attitudes, and self-directed behavior. As your therapist it is my intent to create a safe space for you to tap into your inner wisdom. I do this through unconditional empat
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98126
9.9 miles away
Peggy Nast Hayes, LICSW, BCD
Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome? Do you know that this is normal? It's when we've tried this and everything else we can think of, when we realize that staying within the bounds of our old, but familiar, patterns doesn't work for us now as it once did, that we find the courage to work towards change. You c
Clinical Social Worker / Therapist
Mercer Island, WA 98040
11.4 miles away
Providing Supportive, Client Centered Therapy
Encouraging Growth After Trauma
Michael Sibrava, NCC, LMHC
Envision Therapies
I will work with you to define your priorities and goals, examine what has interfered in achieving those goals, and strategize how you can more effectively achieve those ambitions. Each person brings a unique set of strengths and problems - I work with my clients to: Overcome Anxiety & Depression Address Past Traumas Champion Life’s Changes Deepen Meaning in The
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98104
13.6 miles away
Accord Associates
Allison Fine, MSW, LICSW
Counseling for Inner Balance
My name is Allison Fine, and I provide counseling services in the greater Seattle area. I have counseled people from all walks of life. Everyone has a unique story, and people seek counseling for a wide variety of reasons. As a counselor, I seek to create a safe, trusting, and open environment in our sessions. Counseling Services: I counsel clients on numerous t
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98104
13.6 miles away
Beyond Talk Therapy
Lynn Larkin, MSW
Transformational Therapy
Looking for an effective alternative to traditional therapy? I have over 20 years experience as a Psychotherapist and Counselor as well as additional training in Psychosynthesis (Transpersonal Psychology), EMDR, Hypnosis and NLP. I am also a Reiki Master and trained in other energy modalities including sound healing and have found energy work to be extremely effectiv
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98122
14.1 miles away
Anxiety? Depression? Relationship worries?
You Don't Have to Always Feel This Way.
Julie Holt, MA
Julie Holt Counseling
I work with adults (individuals and coupled) who are having a hard time working with what life is having to offer. My specialty is anxiety and related concerns, though I have extensive experience helping with depression and personal achievement interests. I am accepting new clients now. Call and reserve your session time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98102
15.4 miles away
We offer You a Free Phone Consultation and Sliding Fees
Nights and Weekends, Los Angeles and Virtually World Wide
Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight by Dr...
Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight by Dr. John Silver, Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (CA #MFT14943), Certified Modern Psychoanalyst (#P60366) and Certified Online Therapist (#00663), offers a Free Phone Consultation, a Sliding Fee Scale, Night and Weekend Hours in Los Angeles, Seattle and Virtually World Wide.  We provide Services to Chi
Marriage & Family Therapist
Seattle, WA 98102
15.4 miles away
Helping You to Manage the Unmanageable
Conflict Is Unavoidable, Grow Stronger Through It!
D. Gregg Mohr, MA, LMHC, CDP
Life Management Consulting& Services
There are two arenas within which we struggle with conflict: intrapersonal conflict (the conflict within us), and interpersonal conflict (the conflict between us). The better able we are in managing the conflict within us, the more effective we will be at managing the conflict between us. Whether you struggle with anger, stress, addiction, or marital issues, I o
Counselor / Therapist
Bellevue, WA 98005
15.8 miles away
Evidence-Based, Time-Limited and Solution-Focused Treatment.
Eastside Family Renewal Service
Eastside Family Renewal Service uses Evidence-Based Behavioral Practices to guide individuals and families to a successful resolution of problematic symptoms or states. This means that we consider many elements at individual and systemic levels and strive for an understanding of the biological, social and psychological factors that have brought you or your family to
Counselor / Therapist
Issaquah, WA 98027
16.3 miles away
Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples in Seattle, WA.
Naoko Nakano Brown, MA, LMHC, NCC
Is your concern taking so much out of you? Or, perhaps, feeling something is not quite right. Are you wanting to make a change and move forward, but feeling stuck? It is often difficult to get a good grasp of your experience when you have a lot on your mind. It can be challenging to be kind and gentle to yourself as well as to your feeling at a time. These experiences
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98105
17.7 miles away
Counseling and Psychotherapy
Tom Eggert Counseling
Psychotherapy is a means by which we realize acceptance, solutions and understanding for what life throws our way. The process facilitates a sacred relationship which allows for us to be known and seen for who, what and where we are. Doing my own work in the patient seat has made it possible for me to use all my life challenges to do the work with others.
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98107
18.4 miles away
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Innovative and Effective Psychiatric Care
Medication, Counseling, Hypnotherapy
Salveo Counseling Center
Our Providers are trained in a variety of therapeutic styles. Your experience will be tailored to address your specific issues and may include a number of different types of therapy. Our goal is to creatively and naturally integrate these therapies into each session. If you are interested in a particular type of psychotherapy or psychiatric care, feel free to d
Counselor / Therapist
Redmond, WA 98052
20.2 miles away
Psychotherapy with a Spiritual Orientation
Lois Yuran Gore, MSW, LICSW
Psychotherapy with Spirit
We are each unique and precious expressions of something vast and perfect - of True Nature. Our lives unfold naturally as this expression when we are able to see through our "conditioned self" and connect with what is most real in us. To see through our "conditioned self", we need to develop the capacity to discriminate between what is deeply true for us and wha
Counselor / Therapist
Bellevue, WA 98053
20.8 miles away
Beyond Talk Therapy
Lynn Larkin, MSW
Transformational Therapy
Looking for an effective alternative to traditional therapy? I have over 20 years experience as a Psychotherapist and Counselor as well as additional training in Psychosynthesis (Transpersonal Psychology), EMDR, Hypnosis and NLP. I am also a Reiki Master and trained in other energy modalities including sound healing and have found energy work to be extremely effectiv
Counselor / Therapist
Seattle, WA 98125
21.4 miles away
Individual Psychotherapy & Marriage Counseling in Seattle
Nice Guys & People Pleasers Are My Specialty
Peter Hannah, MA, LMHC
I'm an experienced counselor in Seattle, Washington who specializes in Nice Guys and People Pleasers. I provide individual counseling as well as couples counseling. My work focuses on relationships, anxiety and depression primarily, as well as work and counseling. As a former corporate IT professional, I understand high-tech work, too.
Counselor / Therapist
Select One, WA 98155
24.3 miles away
Jessi Eden Brown, LLC
Mental Health Services and Therapeutic Modalities Include: * Therapy for individuals, couples, and families * Treatment and strategies for targets of workplace bullying * Groups, workshops, parenting skills, and educational opportunities * Cognitive Behavioral Therapy * Solution-Focused Therapy * Family Systems Therapy * Wilderness
Counselor / Therapist
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
24.3 miles away
Psychotherapy for Mind, Body and Spirit
Karen Hansen, PhD, LMHC, CPC
Transpersonal Therapy
I work with individuals and groups who intend to live fully, in mind, body and spirit. The way I see and practice psychotherapy can help you to come to terms with emotions and experiences; and can give you a new start to live your life to your full potential. My goal is to assist you in gaining tools for transformation and to support you in realizing your abilities an
Counselor / Therapist
Snohomish, WA 98296
31.2 miles away
Affordable Quality Counseling
Mary Russell, MA, LMHCA
My intent in a counseling session is to show up as my whole self, and make space for you to show up as your whole self. I believe that people have an innate ability to heal, and I know that the keys to balance and well being exist inside of you. My work as a therapist is to use the tools and skills that I have learned and those that are inherent in me, to unbloc
Counselor / Therapist
Olympia, WA 98501
38.1 miles away