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Personal / Life Coach inNewport Beach, CA 92661

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Master Certified Life and Health Coach
Thought Work and Life Skills Educator
Pedro F. Báez, LVN, CLC, CHC
(L)Attitudes™: A Life Coaching Alternative™, LLC
I help clients explore and gain mastery over issues of identity, spirituality, sex, creativity, transitions, anxiety, interpersonal communication and relationships. I help you help yourself thrive. I offer my clients ongoing thought work and life skills support in terms of everyday living, spirituality, identity issues and personal performance as well as in the mor
Certified Life Coach
San Marino, CA 91108
37.6 miles away
Preferred Member
Help ambitious women with anxiety implement coping skills
stop self sabotaging and become confident in themselves
Michelle Ferraro Coaching
Feeling stuck? Wanting to make a big life change but are too scared to? Not sure where to start? I help ambitious women with goals stop dreaming and start doing I help them overcome their anxiety that is holding them back I break down their self sabotaging ways that keep them where they are I help them heal so that their true light can show I am her
Certified Life Coach
Newport Beach, CA 92663
1.8 miles away
Helping Teens, Tweens, Young Adults and Their Families
Find Balance in an Unbalanced World
Teen Centered - Coach Mickey
Your happy outgoing child has been replaced by a sullen, withdrawn, argumentative, disrespectful teen, and this is controlling your entire life. You've tried everything - setting boundaries, making demands, hurling threats. They're met with more withdrawal, out of control partying, accusations, yelling, screaming, crying, regret and exhaustion. What if you could le
Certified Life Coach
Newport Beach, CA 92660
2.5 miles away
Professional and Affordable Life Coaching Services
Edward Gonzalez, LMFT, MBA
Edward Gonzalez, LMFT
Located near the Staple Center, convenient parking, hours of availability, and low cost professional counseling services. We provide individual, couples, family and group counseling services. We specialized in the following areas; depression, anxiety, couples counseling, life style issues, anger management, stress reduction, guided imagery, post divorce counseling, wo
Professional Life Coach
Los Angeles, CA 90015
36.9 miles away
Couples Communication Coaching and Relationship Rescue
Expert Relationship Coaching 22 years experience.
Dona Laressa Desmond PhD, LMFT
Relationship Coaching Los Angeles
I am a licensed therapist with 27 years experience helping Couples and Individuals have better relationships. My goal is to give you skills that you can use to have a better love life. I have two locations--West LA and Woodland Hills. I am also available for sessions via Skype and FaceTime I help couples in all stages of love. Dating, living together, committed,
Relationship Coaching Specialist
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
43.5 miles away
Contributing to people expanding the quality of their health
Coaching and Holistic Healing Techniques
Reiki, Assertiveness Coaching, Life Coaching, Art-...
Hello, Reikon Healing is your access to reconnect with your ability to heal any traumas and/or overcome any challenges at hand through coaching and holistic healing techniques. By reaching out and creating a structure of customized-sessions, you are allowing yourself to start the process in which growth is inevitable. Even if you reach out to ask further question
Master Certified Coach
Carlsbad, CA 92011
49.5 miles away
Professional Coach
Mindset, Accountability and Goal Achievement Coach
Jen Endacott, M.A., P.C.
Endacott Coaching
Have you ever felt stuck? Unable to move yourself forward in life? Kinda like just sitting and spinning your wheels? Whether it is an external situation that has caused you to become paralyzed or internal doubts and fears, all of us can use a push in the right direction at some point along our life's journey. This is what I specialize in. Helping people propel thems
Professional Certified Coach
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
32.4 miles away
Personal, Family, Health, Financial, and Life Coaching
Dr. Vicki D. Coleman, EdD, BCC, LCPC, CCMHC, MAC,...
The Anger Doctor
WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY? Anger is a major problem in our technologically advanced society. Although an appropriate emotion, inappropriate responses to anger may lead to violence, destruction, and criminal activity. The ability to control one's response to anger requires skill and training. The focus of my private practice and management consulting firm is anger m
Board Certified Coach
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
40.6 miles away