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Kelly Montgomery, MA, LMFT

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Figure out things in your life and get to feeling better!
Manifesting personal, romantic, and career goals
I specialize in:

Couples communication, Trust building, Sexuality, Intimacy, and Family dynamics.
Boundary setting, learning to cope, linking body and mind for full integration of fulfillment.
Manifesting personal, romantic, and career goals, nutritional consulting, and weight loss.

Oh yes! “Stay weird, stay different” people! What would the world look like if we were all the same? Pretty boring if you ask me. Graham Moore is in Hollywood, but us Oakland Bay Area folks have a chance too! He got it right when he supported staying unique. Your life is only yours- there is only ONE of you!! When you are feeling invisible, think, “How can I thrive?” “What do I desire?” “How can I go after it?” “How am I limiting myself?”

How can you get to that spot where you live your best fullest life where you feel that feeling of energy beneath your skin, and your heart races just a bit thinking of living that life? We all deserve to wake up and feel a sense of readiness and lust for our day because we are about to go and do something we are meant to. What are you meant to be doing? That energy, that desire isn’t there to torture you, don’t shut it out, use it to motivate you to go after your best authentic life.

Hone in on your unique self and what you have to offer. Life honestly seems to hold a bit of magic dust when we are in alignment with what we are here for, who we are meant to be. We can open those channels and sail through, so listen, and react. Be still, and know what you are here for. Get determined and motivated, serve your purpose and go and show up for all of us and your unique weird different self! Reach out for help for assistance in manifesting your true purpose.
Practice Areas
 Life Coaching  Financial / Wealth   Organization Skills 
 ADD / ADHD  Lifestyle   Retirement 
 Anger Management  Goal setting   Self Confidence / Self Esteem
 Anxiety  Grief / Bereavement   Setting Up a New Business 
 Writing   Health and Physical  Public Speaking 
 Creative Self   Self Initiative   Spirituality 
 Dating / Relationships  Innovation   Time Management 
 Diet and Weight Loss   Internet / Email  Life Transitions
 Divorce   Life Purpose   Voice 
 Educational / Academic   Marriage / Couples   Whole Life 
 Emotional Intelligence   Media   Women's Lifestyle 
 Entrepreneurship  Mentoring   Work / Life Balance
 Family   Motivation 
 Relationship Coaching Specialist  Wellness Coaching Specialist
About Kelly Montgomery, LMFT
I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Professional Life Coach. I hold a Master of Arts in a Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University with a specialization in a combination of Transpersonal and Somatic. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Stanislaus. I am professional trained in Hakomi body-mind connection. I have over 15 years of experience in advising, guiding and healing.
MA, LMFT ,Professionaly trained in Hakomi
Payments Accepted
Ppo insurance, cash, checks, credit
Hours:Tuesday and wednesday 8am-9pm