Professional Certified Coach in Austin, TX

Paula Conkey, CPC, ELI-MP

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Unleash Your Voice & Joy in Life & Your Career
Make Empowering Choices and Thrive
Do you want to transition and transform? You want to:
• Quite the inner voice the holds you back
• Visualize and meet your potential (unleash awesome)
• Realize the culture & role that’s ideal for you
• Be an inspiring leader
• Motivate yourself or others to meet and exceed goals
• Learn to effectively communicate

I’m your strongest advocate, advisor, confident and mirror! Our relationship is powerful because you have my attention, focus and support. Our partnership is a safe and confidential space for you. You never have to justify the ‘WHY’ behind your goals, actions or views. We simply start from where you are ‘today’ and move you to where you want to be.

I'm a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP.) I work with you to remove the things that have been in your way of SUCCESS! We also work to enhance the skills, traits and habits that lift you up.

As a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership, I show you how your energy (attitude) impacts you. You’ll realize the advantages and disadvantages of your attitude and how you show-up in the world. You'll learn to leverage your best attitude during times of stress by choosing empowering views and behaviors that support you.
My life has been filled with success; and I've faced incredible obstacles. I've overcome life threatening and stressful events. Laughter was again a powerful coping outlet during each transition. With determination and will, I arrived on the side of health and happiness.

I've lived with illness for over 20 years. I’m a two-time cancer survivor. I recovered from a weakened heart, had many surgeries, medical procedures, radiation and chemotherapy. I also experienced the challenge of working full-time during treatments so that I had insurance coverage. I’ve been laid-off a few times and worked in toxic environments that could dampen the best of spirits. I’ve experienced heart-breaking loss of love and friendships as well.

The list of all that I’ve overcome and accomplished is long. The most important being that I was alive! So, what was missing? Why wasn't 'living' enough? I realized it was because I was ‘surviving’ and not thriving.

How I chose to respond to this awareness is what makes me powerful. I sought out a Coach who helped me lead a bigger life. My life became more than transitions and loss. I learned to fully express myself, remove obstacles and give myself permission to live my best life. I moved toward feeling and being truly alive. I transformed!

Today, I’m that ‘Coach’ for my clients. I leverage my unique gifts to guide, empower, encourage and help clients live their best life! I help them move through a transition or loss, towards a fulfilling life!
Practice Areas
 Life Coaching  Fashion and Personal Style  Motivation 
 Anger Management  Lifestyle   Organization Skills 
 Anxiety  Goal setting   Self Confidence / Self Esteem
 Writing   Grief / Bereavement   Public Speaking 
 Creative Self   Health and Physical  Spirituality 
 Dating / Relationships  Self Initiative   Time Management 
 Diet and Weight Loss   Innovation   Life Transitions
 Divorce   Internet / Email  Voice 
 Eating Disorders   Life Purpose   Whole Life 
 Emotional Intelligence   Marriage / Couples   Women's Lifestyle 
 Entrepreneurship  Media   Work / Life Balance
 Family   Mentoring 
 Associate Certified Coach (ACC)  Certified Life Coach (CLC)
 Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
Energy Leadership - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
Psychology Degree (BA)
Landmark Forum
Landmark Advanced
Landmark Self Expression Leadership Program
Reiki II
International Coach Federation (ICF)
Payments Accepted
Venmo, credit card (all)