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Laura Muensterer

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Supporting You Through Every Change, Decision, & Transition
Through tools and techniques catered to your needs and goals
I want to help you not only accomplish your goals — whether you want to lose 15 pounds or get a promotion at work — but also build a positive environment of thoughts. With these positive thoughts, I truly believe you can accomplish anything. And I'm here to help you believe you can, too.

I believe every person in this world has amazing potential. However, during the stress and uncertainty of everyday life, it can be hard to know exactly how to tap into that potential. Life coaching is about more than gaining tools and insight; its about learning how to harness the innate magic that lives within you. I'll show you how to truly step into your power so you can finally take control of your life, future and overall well-being.

My job is to empower, uplift and inspire you to be the best version of yourself. How do I accomplish this? By:

1. Challenging your limiting beliefs so you recognize the barriers you place around your potential.

2. Reading between the lines of what you say — as well as what you don't say — to identify the true source of your problems.

3. Addressing areas for growth and improvement throughout all aspects of your life — individually, socially and professionally.

4. Providing new ways of thinking while offering personalized insight and guidance as you work towards achieving your goals.
Combining positive psychology with spirituality practices, my coaching is centered around enhancing your strengths, minimizing self-doubt, and replacing harmful patterns with productive thoughts so you can truly start living the life you deserve. From generational patterns to societal conditioning, I believe many of us subconsciously lead lives designed by other people. By uncovering what’s most important to you as an individual, I’ll help you break through any people-pleasing, materialistic-minded tendencies that are holding you back from maximizing your potential.

Specializing in millennials — yet, open to working with anyone interested in changing their life for the better — I’m passionate about opening doors of possibility for those of us who sell ourselves short. As someone who has navigated a variety of difficult decisions and transitions throughout her life, my mission is to help others clarify their needs, goals, and values so that every move you make gets you closer to your ideal life and future.
Practice Areas
 Life Coaching  Goal setting   Self Confidence / Self Esteem
 Anxiety  Health and Physical  Spirituality 
 Dating / Relationships  Self Initiative   Time Management 
 Diet and Weight Loss   Life Purpose   Life Transitions
 Entrepreneurship  Motivation   Women's Lifestyle 
 Family   Organization Skills   Work / Life Balance
 Certified Life Coach (CLC)
I received my life coaching certification from the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, CA.
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