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Discover hope & healing for the marriage of your dreams!
RESEARCH tells us that the most critical time in a marriage is between years 6 & 8. The pit in your stomach & the ache in your heart tells you that now is a critical time in your marriage. To complicate the situation, most couples wait about 6 years after trouble begins to seek counseling. The encouraging news is for the couples who were miserable and struggling in their marriages who pushed through and received counseling they reported being highly satisfied in their marriages 5 years later. In other words---don't give up! It is possible to overcome the difficult times!!! Please believe & focus on the hope that you can be one of those successful couples!

REACHING OUT to a marriage counselor when you need help in times of trouble is one of the most important steps in the process of creating change & healing in your marriage. Some marriages need a tweak to get out of a rut & back on track. Maybe you're having the same old fight more often than usual or maybe you feel distance & disconnection growing between you. Don't give up! Your marriage can flourish. You can have a dream come true!

MORE and MORE couples are in crisis as a result of adultery/infidelity, compulsive sexual behavior, sex addiction, porn addiction, intimacy anorexia and other traumatic life events. You may be broken hearted, feeling lonely, hopeless, betrayed or filled with rage resulting in depression, anxiety and possible PTSD symptoms. Today you might feel like there is nothing left to save and that you have had enough. You feel completely done and ready to throw him/her out and move on. Please---don't give up! There is always hope. I have seen couples restore trust, develop healthy intimacy and affection for each other and turn their marriages from total disaster to dreams come true. I'll be honest, its hard work and it takes time---but it is so worth the challenge!

LIFE IS HARD. When your current marriage is causing pain, divorce sounds like the answer to all your problems. The truth is, 75% of divorced couples wish they would have worked harder to save the marriage. Ending a marriage, dating again, growing older with blended families is harder than it sounds! With a skilled marriage counselor, you can save your marriage, learn new skills, process old wounds, and develop new behaviors that foster growth, connection, affection and intimacy in a new healthy marriage---all your friends will be green with envy! You really can have the marriage relationship you long for.

HOW do we get from misery to miracle marriage? Counseling-Commit-Change-Create-Connect

Counseling. Reach out for an appointment as a couple. I can see you as a couple and as an individual.
Commit to each other and to the counseling process by giving it your best effort.
Change the destructive behaviors and the same old patterns with new skills.
Create a partnership built on trust, commitment, and goals
Connect, share & live your hopes and dreams with each other

Workshops: 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work--Super fun workshop to learn skill building and connection.
Wholehearted Life: For women who want to squeeze every drop out of life by filling her life with purpose!
Support Groups:
Partners Recovery Groups: For women who have experienced infidelity, who are married to sex addicts or married to men with porn addictions. Profoundly transparent group of women who support each other when life is very difficult.
Married & Alone: For women who are married to men who withhold intimacy or for women who have an intimacy disorder. Deeply committed to helping each other heal.

Often times when marriages are going thru difficulties, individuals require counseling for depression, anxiety, anger, addiction and difficult transitions such as divorce. Together we will collaborate to create and implement a plan that will help you reach your goals and live a purposeful fulfilling life.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor(i) specializing in marriage counseling, couples counseling and individual therapy in Bluffton & Hilton Head, SC. In addition to the required Master's Degree and SC state licensing requirements, I have invested hundreds of hours above and beyond the education accomplished by the average general counselor. This would be similar to seeing your general family doctor and a specialist like a brain surgeon. (ok, so maybe not as advanced as a brain surgeon--but you get the picture! LOL----see counseling can be specialized and fun!)

I love to help couples overcome difficulties in their marriages. You can tell me anything. I will listen with great empathy and without judgement. I will help you navigate the pain, anger, betrayal, grief and loss of a marriage so you can make the best possible decisions for your family. I'll give you my full attention and expertise. When you are ready reach out and I'll guide you through the toughest days.

Personally, I have lived in the area for over 30 years. My husband and I raised our 4 now grown children here and we feel incredibly blessed to live in such an extraordinary place. I love to tend to our 50 honey bee hives and kayak the May River with my Golden Retriever, Daisy. You'll probably meet Daisy in my office---but I'll leave the honey bees at home! See you soon!
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 Anxiety and Panic  Marriage & Family Therapy  Sexual Dysfunction
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 Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT)  Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
How can you tell one counselor from another?I'll explain my education & qualifications which might help you make a decision. I wanted the very best !

Drs. John & Julie Gottman of the world renowned Gottman Institute are the leading experts in the world on the subject of marriage. Everything they do is based on research---not TV reality show psychobabble and feel good chit-chat. I have been trained by the Gottmans accomplishing Level 3 Therapist credentials and Certification to Lead the 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work program. (Gottman specialty workshop for couples). The Gottman Method is the gold standard of research based skill building in a marriage. This is where couples learn to communicate, fight fair, share dreams and connect as best friends to live the dream!

I have also trained with the foremost international expert in the field of sex addiction & intimacy disorders, Dr. Doug Weiss, President of the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapists (AASAT). I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist as well as a Certified Partners Recovery Therapist.

Don't let the term "Sex Addiction" scare you. This term covers sexual acting out such as infidelity, watching porn or withholding intimacy & affection from a spouse. The term does not mean you are a pervert and child molester. What it does mean is that I am trained to find the root of the problems causing the unwanted behaviors and trained to develop treatments to help you create new healthy behaviors so you and your spouse can rebuild your marriage based on trust, intimacy and commitment.

Treatment for the recovery of Infidelity, sex addiction, porn addiction and inappropriate sexual behavior requires specialty training above and beyond general counseling.

I believe that you will find that I am committed to helping you discover hope and healing in your life and marriage.
Liberty University, MA, Licensed Professional Counseling
AASAT: Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
AASAT: Certified Partners Recovery Therapist
American Association of Christian Counselors
Gottman Institute Referral Therapist
Certified Leader Gottman Couples Workshops
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